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The life of the fiber optic jumpers

Edit: fiber optic cable   Date: 2019-01-10

Fiber optic jumper is the most modern communication industry fiber optic cable line equipment, because of its connection to long distance and insert low loss, good reproducibility not have a lot of return loss, and can support simultaneous multiple devices, also mutual insertperformance is good, no heat, good temperature stability. The fiber-optic jumper cable television and telecommunications networks, computer and fiber-optic network and optical test equipment.

Transfer due to maintenance needs of fiber optic patch cords and normal tests, fiber optic connectors are often carried out plug, which leads to the maximum plug life pluggable number of issues. This problem should be based on this premise: fiber optic connectors under normal conditions of use, the swap by the required number of each component without mechanical damage, the additional loss does not exceed the limits (usually the limits specified as 0.2dB). Optical fiber connector plug life is generally determined by the mechanical wear of the components. At present, the fiber optic connector plug life can be achieved is greater than l000, the additional loss of no more than 0.2dB. Slotted ceramic fiber optic connector coupling sleeve, a crack growth of ceramic materials, the static fatigue will cause the sleeve to rupture. According to the information, unfiltered such sleeve 20-year probability of rupture of 10-4. If the screening force of more than 2.6 times the working stress screening test, then in 20 years will not rupture.

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