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Types of fiber optic cables

Edit: fiber optic cable   Date: 2019-01-10

Types of the fiber optic cables

In terms of the fiber optic cables, there are thousands of kinds to classify the types of fiber optic cables according to different sorting technique.
To know about the fiber optic cables type thoroughly, we have to master what is fiber optic cables at first.
An optical fiber cable is a cable containing one or more optical fibers. The optical fiber elements are typically individually coated with plastic layers and contained in a protective tube suitable for the environment where the cable will be deployed.
Now I share something more about the types of fiber optic Cables:

A:----types of fiber optic cables
• OFC: Optical fiber, conductive
• OFN: Optical fiber, nonconductive
• OFCG: Optical fiber, conductive, general use
• OFNG: Optical fiber, nonconductive, general use
• OFCP: Optical fiber, conductive, plenum
• OFNP: Optical fiber, nonconductive, plenum
• OFCR: Optical fiber, conductive, riser
• OFNR: Optical fiber, nonconductive, riser
• OPGW: Optical fiber composite overhead ground wire
• ADSS: All-Dielectric Self-Supporting

B:classify according the Color coding----types of fiber optic cables

1.Patch cords----types of fiber optic cables
The buffer or jacket on patchcords is often color-coded to indicate the type of fiber used. The strain relief "boot" that protects the fiber from bending at a connector is color-coded to indicate the type of connection. Connectors with a plastic shell (such as SC connectors) typically use a color-coded shell. Standard color codings for jackets and boots (or connector shells) are shown below:
Buffer/jacket color Meaning
Yellow single-mode optical fiber

Orange multi-mode optical fiber

Aqua 10 gig laser-optimized 50/125 micrometer multi-mode optical fiber
Grey outdated color code for multi-mode optical fiber

Blue Sometimes used to designate polarization-maintaining optical fiber

Connector Boot Meaning Comment
Blue Physical Contact (PC), 0 mostly used for single mode fibers; some manufacturers use this for polarization-maintaining optical fiber.

Green Angle Polished (APC), 8
Black Physical Contact (PC), 0
Grey, Beige Physical Contact (PC), 0 multimode fiber connectors
White Physical Contact (PC), 0
Red  High optical power. Sometimes used to connect external pump lasers or Raman pumps.
Remark: It is also possible that a small part of a connector is additionally colour-coded, e.g. the leaver of an E-2000 connector or a frame of an adapter. This additional colour coding indicates the correct port for a patchcord, if many patchcords are installed at one point.

2.Multi fiber cables----types of fiber optic cables
Individual fibers in a multi-fiber cable are often distinguished from one another by color-coded jackets or buffers on each fiber. The identification scheme used by Corning Cable Systems is based on EIA/TIA-598, "Optical Fiber Cable Color Coding." EIA/TIA-598 defines identification schemes for fibers, buffered fibers, fiber units, and groups of fiber units within outside plant and premises optical fiber cables. This standard allows for fiber units to be identified by means of a printed legend. This method can be used for identification of fiber ribbons and fiber subunits. The legend will contain a corresponding printed numerical position number and/or color for use in identification.

EIA598-A Fiber Color Chart 

A Fiber Color Chart----types of fiber optic cables
Position Jacket color
1 Blue
2 Orange
3 Green
4 Brown
5 Slate
6 White
7 Red
8 Black
9 Yellow
10 Violet
11 Rose
12 Aqua
13 Blue with black tracer
14 Orange with black tracer
15 Green with black tracer
16 Brown with black tracer
17 Slate with black tracer
18 White with black tracer
19 Red with black tracer
20 Black with yellow tracer
21 Yellow with black tracer
22 Violet with black tracer
23 Rose with black tracer
24 Aqua with black tracer

Color coding of Premises Fiber Cable---types of fiber optic cables
Fiber Type / Class Diameter (µm) Jacket Color
Multimode 1a 50/125 Orange
Multimode 1a 62.5/125 Slate
Multimode 1a 85/125 Blue
Multimode 1a 100/140 Green
Singlemode IVa All Yellow

The type of the fiber optic cables are complex and various. And the following added is the classify of fiber :

Fiber classification from the operating wavelength, the refractive index distribution, transmission mode, raw materials and manufacturing methods
For induction of the various classifications for example as follows.
(1) The operating wavelength: UV optical fiber, considerable fiber, near-infrared fiber-optic, infrared fiber (0.85pm, 1.3pm1.55pm).
(2) refractive index distribution: step (SI) type, and recent step-type gradient (GI) type, others (such as triangular, W-typeDepressed, etc.).
(3) transfer mode: single-mode fiber (with polarization maintaining fiber, non-polarization maintaining fiber), multimode fiber.
(4) raw materials: quartz glass, multi-component glass, plastic, composite materials (such as plastic cladding, liquid core, etc.)IR materials. Coating material can be divided into inorganic materials (carbon, etc.), metal materials (copper, nickel, etc.) and plastic And so on.
(5) manufacturing methods: pre-plastic vapor phase axial deposition (VAD), chemical vapor deposition (CVD), the drawing methodTube law (Rod intube) and double crucible method.

That's all about the types of the fiber optic cables .And listed below is one type of the fiber optic cable:

Available range
New and old electric power line. to be equipped at the same tower.
Large-span situation.
Strong electric field, much thunder field.

Small diameter, light weight, the span cam reach to 1500m, with a low additional load to the tower.
Strong anti-pull performance, more than 90KN.
Non-metallic structure, good insulated performance, thunder-proof.
The equality sparn and good performance when meeting an emergency.
Good performance of anti-gun.
Good performance of anti-erode
Suitable for bad climate.
Can work without electric stop.

Structure characteristic
Loose tube and non-metallic strengthen
High flexible
Can work under the environment at electric fieldsd 5KV/m.

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