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Information about Fiber optic jumpers

Edit: fiber optic jumper   Date: 2019-01-10

Fiber Optic Jumper

What is fiber optic jumpers?
Fiber optic jumpers refers to an optical fiber directly link the equipment and components in the fiber optic networks, to facilitate the connection of equipment and management. Used to do from device to optical fiber wiring link jump wire. Thick layer of protection, which generally used in optical transceiver and the connection between the terminal box.

The Structure of the fiber optic jumper:

Fiber optic jumpers are similar with the coaxial cable, but there are no mesh shield inside it.The center is light propagation glass core. In the multimode optical fiber, the core diameter is 15 μ m ~ 50 μ m, roughly and quite substantially with the thickness of a human hair. And single-mode fiber core diameter to 8 μ m ~ 10 μ m. Outside the core surrounded by a layer of refractive index than core low glass envelope, in order to make optical fiber to remain in within the core. To the outside is a layer of thin plastic coat to protect the cuff. As fiber optic products manufacturer , producers will make the types and structure more characterized according to the fiber optic buyers’will.

The classification of fiber optic jumpers:

According to the transmission medium ,fiber optic jumpers can be divided into common silicon base fiber single-mode and multimode optical jumpers, and others such as plastic as transmission medium optical fiber jumper;
According to the joint structure forms, fiber optic jumpers can be divided into: FC, SC, ST, LC, MTRJ, MPO, MU, SMA, FDDI and E2000, DIN4, D4 and so on various forms. More common optical fiber jumpers can also be divided into FC - FC, SC, FC - FC - LC, FC - ST, SC - SC, SC, ST, etc.

Single-mode Fiber :

generally the color is yellow,
connector and protective sleeve are blue;
longer transmission distance.

Multimode Fiber:

generally the color is orange, some with gray,
joints and protection are beige or black;
transmission distance is short.

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