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Types of fiber optic jumper

Edit: fiber optic jumper   Date: 2019-01-10

Types of fiber optic jumper First of all, we must master that fiber optic jumpers is a piece of fiber cable with 2 in each end in general situation and sometimes the fiber optic jumper is also called fiber optic patch cord. The fiber optic jumpers usually used to link the optical transceiver and the terminal box.

Various kind of the fiber optic jumpers: For the diverse of the fiber optic connector and some other assemblies, especially the transmission medium and transmission mode, the fiber optic jumper can be divided into common silicon base fiber single-mode and multimode optical jumpers, and others such as plastic is transmission medium optical fiber jumper. With the diverse of the fiber transmission, the fiber optic jumpers are divided as the single-mode and the multimode, and SM is short for the single-mode while the MM is short for the multimode , generally the color of the SM is yellow and the MM is orange.

According to the types and structure of the fiber optic joints, fiber optic jumpers can be divided into:
FC: the connector is circle with screw thread and widely used in the fiber optic patch cord and the terminal boxes
SC: the connector is clamping type with square style and widely used in the router and the media converter
ST: the connector is circular with Clamping type
LC: the connector is similar to the SC but smaller than it
MTRJ: Square and one of the ends is make the send and receive together And then let’s have a brief talk about PC and APC.PC polishing is a flat surface of the ceramic core ,while the APC is with an 8 angle and Micro spherical polishing.

In a word, the diverse of the constitution parts makes the types of the fiber optic jumpers more various. So the fiber optic jumpers can be divided into :


As a fiber optic company, we offer all the fiber optic jumpers referred above and some other fiber optic cable and other products. Our fiber optic products can also customized by you fiber optic buyers.

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