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IL and RL

Edit: fiber optic jumper   Date: 2019-01-10
IL and RL

IL and RL are essential parameters in the telecommunication industry, NOW I’ll share something new with you. Most important is the definition:

IL is short for the insertion loss, and definitely Insertion Loss is the ratio (expressed in dB) of the signal voltage transferred from source to load without a filter, to the signal voltage transferred from source to load when the filter is inserted. Insertion loss is not a measure of filter performance in the power line equipment environment.

RL is short for the return loss, In telecommunications, return loss is the loss of signal power resulting from the reflection caused at a discontinuity in a transmission line or optical fiber. This discontinuity can be a mismatch with the terminating load or with a device inserted in the line.

IL and RL are really important parameters and also play an important role in the place of QUALITY CHECK, for example,the fiber optic jumpers,furthermore, different company has different standard when it comes to the IL and RL and in general producers will set 3 ranks for the fiber optic jumper buyers.

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