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Fiber Optic Cable manufacturer

Edit: fiber optic jumper   Date: 2019-01-11
Fiber optic cable
As a Chinese best fiber optic cable manufacturer, we supply the fiber optic cable ,connector, attenuator, patch cord , jumper, pigtails, etc, in an appropriate price.
What is fiber optic cable?
Fiber optic cable (optical fiber cable) is mainly constituted by the optical fiber (fiberglass) as thin as a hair and plastic protective casing and plastic sheath, and metals such as gold, silver, copper and aluminum in the fiber optic cable, usually no recycling value. The fiber optic cable is a certain number of optical fiber in accordance with certain the cable core outsourcing jacket, and some coated outer sheath for optical signal transmission of a communication line. Namely: the cable is formed after a certain process by the optical fiber (optical transmission carrier).
The NEWEST fiber optic cable definition: An optical fiber cable is a cable containing one or more optical fibers. The optical fiber elements are typically individually coated with plastic layers and contained in a protective tube suitable for the environment where the cable will be deployed.
    OFC: Optical fiber, conductive
    OFN: Optical fiber, nonconductive
    OFCG: Optical fiber, conductive, general use
    OFNG: Optical fiber, nonconductive, general use
    OFCP: Optical fiber, conductive, plenum
    OFNP: Optical fiber, nonconductive, plenum
    OFCR: Optical fiber, conductive, riser
    OFNR: Optical fiber, nonconductive, riser
    OPGW: Optical fiber composite overhead ground wire
Generally speaking, according to the transmit mode, we can divide the fiber optic cable into single-mode and multimode, else, in general, the former is always with yellow skin while the latter is orange. But we JFOPT will also offer the fiber optic cable buyers the ideal fiber products, the most importantly, our fiber products can be CUSTOMIZED as you want. In the aspect of main use, the fiber optic cable is divided into the indoor cables and outdoor cables. Besides, the fiber cables with armored cladding can be separated to the simplex and duplex .
Fiber optic cable types:
1. In accordance with the transmission performance, distance and use different cables can be divided into user fiber optic cable, telephone cable, long-distance fiber optic cable and submarine cable,fiber optic cable under ocean.
2.Used in accordance with the fiber optic cable within different types of fiber, the fiber optic cable can be divided into single-mode fiber optic cable and multimode fiber optic cable.
3.According to the quantity of the fiber optic cable fiber core, fiber optic cable can be divided into single-core optical fiber cable, duplex cables.
4.Different fiber optic cable in accordance with the configuration method of the reinforcing member can be divided into a central reinforcing member cable, dispersed reinforcing member cable sheath strengthening member cable and the outer sheath of cable.
5. Different in accordance with transmission conductors, media status, fiber optic cable can be divided into non-metallic cable, cable, fiber optic cable (mainly used for special railway network communication lines).
6.Accordance with the laying of different ways, cable can be divided into the pipeline cable, direct buried fiber optic cable, aerial cable and underwater fiber optic cable.
7.In accordance with the structure in different ways, the fiber optic cable can be divided into flat structure of fiber optic cable, Stranded cable, skeleton-optic cable, armored cable, and high-density user cable.
We JFOPT supply these fiber optic cables as follows:
SM: Yellow        MM:  Orange
Fiber optic cable connectors:
Located in the end of the fiber optic cables, fiber optic connectors are used to connect two optical fiber or fiber optic cable to form a continuous light path which can be repeated used of passive devices fiber optic cable. Certainly, the fiber optic cable connectors can also be classified into LC ,SC ,FC, ST ,MTRJ ,etc.
Fiber optic cables are replacing copper wiring to increase the speed of digital information transmission. Conveying the information are the main usage of the fiber optic cables. These cables are bundles of extremely pure glass threads that have been coated in two layers of reflective plastic. A light source -- typically a laser -- switches on and off rapidly at one end of the cable to transmit digital data. The light travels through the glass strands and continuously reflects off of the inside of the mirrored plastic coatings in a process known as total internal reflection. Systems based on fiber optics can transmit billions of bits of data per second, and they can even carry multiple signals along the same fiber by using lasers of different colors. Fiber optic cables are also an important consistence part of the fiber optic jumpers.
Where to buy fiber optic cables?
As a Chinese better fiber optic cable and other assemblies manufacturer, we  JFOPT supply the best optical fiber cables and other assemblies, where fiber optic buyers can purchase the cheap and beneficial optic cables. Our products can also be customized and manufacture as you want .We JFOPT will be your best choice when you wander about where to buy the fiber optic cables, because we are engaged in the fiber optic cable and assemblies sales for a long time(more than ten years).
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