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Stimulate the vitality of the organization and individuals and help employees and enterprises grow together
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Talent development Recruiting Position
Talent concept
Honesty and integrity
Positive and enterprising
Be bold to innovate
Be brave to reform
Why choose JFOPT
Young and Vibrant team
Average age 28 years of staff
Average age 32 years of the leadershipbr
*The statistics by June, 2020, excluding the staff in production line
No limit on promotion
JFOPT provides a complete promotion system: integrated post skills and management skills training; flexible job transfer mechanism; fair promotion channel for every staff. There is no limit on promotion for all positive enterprising staff.
All contribution rewarded
The company offers competitive salary and performance programs with diversified benefits. We advocate a result oriented approach, and resources are always tilted to those with ability.
Corporate Benefits
Basic benefits
Five social insurance and one housing fund, national statutory holidays, paid annual leave, snacks and tea breaks, communication, travel, catering and housing allowance.
Department benefits
We provide funds for daily activities of each department, and additional benefits for departments with excellent performance.
Gift benefits
Holiday / Birthday congratulations with holiday / birthday gift.
Travelling benefit
We organize to travel every year according to the business performance.
Project bonus
For the team with excellent performance in major projects, the extra bonus is rewarded.